Welcome to the Drakiirian Saga!

It has been nearly 4000 years since the great cataclysm, long enough that all but the most long lived races consider it a myth. However, much of the world remains “undiscovered”. Ruins dot the landscape, and entire civilizations often wait to be found… or lie long since extinct. What wonders might you find? What treasures await you? And what forces stir even now as the world truly reawakens…

This is the second “Arc” or storyline of a 4 arc epic campaign. Set in the eastern reaches this setting blends an oriental feel with the open seas adventure styling of Pirates of the Carribean. As a fairly newly “recovered” trade city, Sasserine promises great wealth and adventure for those bold enough to seize the opportunity, and tenacious enough to hold it.

Welcome aboard!

Pathfinder Edition edit:

*This custom campaign is a reboot of a D&D 3.5 Adventure Path campaign of the same name. Based very loosely on the Savage Tide AP, another multi-campaign story arcweaves through this, the second arc in the series. After a long hiatus, I have converted the stats and more of the story to the Pathfinder system, and once again we are bound for adventure!
We are running a blend of on-site and online players.

The Drakiirian Saga - SouthEastern Frontier

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